Project Description

The majority of the research and development in Puerto Rico is currently done in the academic sector, primarily in isolation from the existing high technology manufacturing sector. The fundamental mission of the Puerto Rico Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Technology (PR-EPSCoT) is to bridge the gap of the science and technology stakeholders through an alliance of the academic, government and private sectors. PR-EPSCoT is the primary facilitator of an effective transfer of technologies and a catalyst to implement the Island's new Science and Technology Policy. The primary activities that will bridge the gap between science and technology stakeholders are: to develop the Puerto Rico Science and Technology Interactive Database, to enhance the structures that facilitate technology transfer, commercialization and protection of intellectual property, to facilitate the creation of high technology incubators, to increase participation in federal technology programs, to conduct technology access seminars and workshops, to implement student industrial internship programs and to provide strategic planning and advocacy. This two-year effort, started in 1999, will dramatically alter the environment in Puerto Rico for the exchange of research and development ideas through the initiation of the above activities and the creation of lasting partnerships for the economic development of Puerto Rico in the high technology sector.